Rectangular Push Plate

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RMLBP  Rough Black Decorative Push Plate.  15" tall x 3 5/16" wide.

Push plates are often used on doors that do not latch. Sometimes they are installed on both sides of the door, especially when the door is mounted on double acting hinges that swing both ways. Push plates are also often used with Door Pulls on one or both sides of the door.

The Rough Iron textured surface mimics the natural weathering of iron and steel, reminiscent of the hardware found on many of Europe's castles, manors, and cathedrals.

Acorn values the utility and appearance of each of its products, which is why our artisans pay attention to great detail when selecting materials for and crafting the product that will be used by building owners globally.

15" tall x 3 5/16" wide.

Made of steel with a Matte Black finish.

They have a Rough Iron Textured surface.

Packed with decorative pyramid head screws.

Made at our factory here in the USA.

Sold by each.

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